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Webmarketing & Communication

1. meet

First, let’s meet to discuss your business objectives. It’s free, we enjoy a hot or cold drink depending on the season, and you’ll get new ideas for your communication and webmarketing.

2 . think , find, work 

These are three key steps of our methodology. Once we have collected your needs around a drink, we think until we find the best way to answer them, then we tell you what we can do for you. If you agree, we work, together.

3. give

Then, we just give you what you needed and expected. It may be a nice responsive website, your future company logo, a graphic charter, beautiful printed communication materials, a tailored webmarketing strategy including social media, emailing, newsletters, a blog, growth hacking tips, or all of that. 

That’s it.

(Actually you’ll surely want us to work together again after that, but that’s another story.)